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Change the Narrative

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Change the Narrative aims to tell your stories — the way you want them to be told.
Funding is the biggest issue facing new filmmakers, especially those hoping to break the mold, and start uncomfortable, but needed, conversations. With the launch of the Change the Narrative Fund, we are here to nurture stories that promote positive visibility for mental health by providing funds to make that vision a reality. We are partnering with TEAM UNBREAKABLE to make that happen.

Simply put, Change the Narrative provides funding to movies that promote positive visibility and normalization of mental health. Our aim is to utilize our industry to create a platform for those who need it most by providing both the lens through which people first perceive that which they do not personally experience, as well as support the visibility to those who do. We ask ourselves: What if we were able to showcase how they experience the world, instead of simply mirroring how the world sees them? Who could that help? Would it make a difference for you?

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Team Unbreakable

Campaign to Support Team Unbreakable

The goal of Team Unbreakable is to reduce the stigma of youth mental illness, build awareness of the issues, and to promote the positive aspects of physical health on mental health. By doing this we aim to reduce the incidence of youth suicide and promote wellbeing.

The Team Unbreakable Program is a recreational run program that promotes better youth mental health through exercise and education.  We team up with schools (as a recreational program available to all) and in several hospitals, community health agencies and family health teams (as a run therapy program).   The school program is endorsed by several school boards and has over 1000 students participating every term.   It is supported by a curriculum, materials, and workshops.  We raise awareness and help bring people closer to the issues through speaking engagements, workshops, special events and media. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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Mental health miscommunication has a very far reach, subtle as it may sometime seem. One in four will be affected by a mental or neurological disorder over the course of their lives, while about 450 million people are currently living this experience, making it one of the most pressing and prominent causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

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