Walkerton Area Team Unbreakable

Walkerton Area Team Unbreakable

About This Campaign

Team Unbreakable programs are taking hold in the community of Walkerton with leadership from members of the Brockton and Area Family Health Team Susan Dietz and Derek Ditner - most recently supporting St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School and Walkerton District Community School in 2018, and they're looking forward to programs at St. Teresa of Calcutta, Sacred Heart High School, and Chesley District Community School in 2019!

The program is offered at no charge to the students, so your tax-deductible donation to Team Unbreakable is greatly appreciated.
Team Unbreakable

Campaign to Support Team Unbreakable

The goal of Team Unbreakable is to reduce the stigma of youth mental illness, build awareness of the issues, and to promote the positive aspects of physical health on mental health. By doing this we aim to reduce the incidence of youth suicide and promote wellbeing.

The Team Unbreakable Program is a recreational run program that promotes better youth mental health through exercise and education.  We team up with schools (as a recreational program available to all) and in several hospitals, community health agencies and family health teams (as a run therapy program).   The school program is endorsed by several school boards and has over 1000 students participating every term.   It is supported by a curriculum, materials, and workshops.  We raise awareness and help bring people closer to the issues through speaking engagements, workshops, special events and media. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or to find out if there is a Team Unbreakable near you or visit www.teamunbreakable.ca/locations


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