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Paul, Tasha & Austen Estey

A Message From Paul, Tasha & Austen Estey

Bob is a very dear friend and has set a remarkable goal in celebrating his 80th birthday to help young people struggling with mental health issues. Please join us in lending him support and encouragement!

Hacksaw’s $100,000 Crusade For Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

About This Campaign

In 2017 for my 80th birthday I am running the Mississauga ½ marathon (21 km) to raise $100,000 for CameronHelps “Team Unbreakable” program.

Why am I asking for your support?

In Canada, suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24. Suicide is usually preventable with 90% stemming from treatable mental illnesses. It is among the most poorly funded and resourced areas of health care. Each suicide or attempted suicide has a huge impact on family and friends and the community at large.

Achieving this goal would allow CameronHelps to reach an additional 30-40 schools and affect 2000 youth directly and thousands more indirectly. The long term effect of this would be incredible and would make a significant difference to the future lives of many.

Please help me reach this goal
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