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Starting October 1st I am going to push myself to run 1000km by Christmas! As someone who has personally struggled with Mental Health, I hope to not only bring awareness, but help prove to myself that anything is possible. Please support me in my 1000km goal!

Unbreakable 1000 Run Challenge - For Individuals

About This Campaign

Looking for an ultimate challenge? Take the Unbreakable 1000 Individual Challenge! Run 1000Km and raise $1000 for youth mental health. There is no deadline to complete it!
All you have to do is: 1. Register by clicking on ‘Participate’
2. You can personalize your fundraising page by adding photos, videos, etc.
3. Once you are registered, you can add to your total distance completed by clicking on the ‘edit’ button, on the dropdown menu click ‘update progress’. You can do this after every run, weekly or however often you are able to.
4. Get your friends and family to help you fundraise by clicking on ‘donate’
5. You are now ready to start running and fundraising!

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